so i got extensions and as much as i want to dye my real hair again I’m not allowed b/c its ‘unprofessional’ so comment a colour or a victorious episode (jades hair) for me as inspration?

vampiregillies said:
Have a safe flight and a wonderful time, Emma. You deserve it ♡


ooc: Thank you so much, my darling.
You’re the sweetest candy apple!

like i know exactly what car i want but its waaaaayy too expensive and every other one just looks ugly okay.

I’ve been trying to find a car i like all day and I’m having 0 luck and now my family are dragging me around ‘car supermarkets’ omg pray 4 me.

The Vampire Diaries is a story of…

based on this post (x)

katherine pierce + traits

Get to know: Luke Hemmings {insp.}

you asked me what my sign is and i told you it was stop

arianagbowtera said:
You take hate so well, you're the best

I Appreciate  You/This. You’re A Wonderful Person, Never Let Anyone Tell You Differently. 

i wanna make my blog halloween’y but its not even mid September, someone restrain me.

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